I skipped one update, what is the procedure now?

First of all please make a backup (zip all files and database export in phpMyAdmin)!

If you don’t want to risk or not familiar with tools like phpMyAdmin, I can also do this for additional price, just send me support ticket.

Please check out you script version, open file index.php and there you should find something like this:

define('APP_VERSION_REAL_ESTATE', '1.5.2 beta');

For script version >= 1.5.3:

Update instructions from version to version is available on item page, bottom:


Usually it works this way:

Extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

If you skipped updates then you should run updater few times to update database.

For older scipt version <1.5.3:

If you want to do it yourself:

Extract all files except:

  • ”/files” folder
  • “/application/config/production/database.php”
  • “/application/config/cms_config.php”

If you configure something additionaly, please then reconfigure this again in new files…

And update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import, for example if your version is 1.4.4 then you should update database by order starting from next version sql file (All files are available when you download new version from codecanyon):

DON't RUN update-1.5.3.sql, there is different update instructions (easier), check out on item description page

There can be additional configuration betwen version, please check item description page bottom for details about update for each version…

If you receive any SQL error please don’t run same script again or skip version because you can have troubles in future. Error can be because of your new custom fields and something like that, then you should remove this fields…

In error situation, please send me your cpanel login details to check out what happens…