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Server errors, Bad Gateway

Many servers exists with many different configurations, so such issues may happen.

1. try disable mod security in cpanel or ask hosting provider to disable

2. change PHP to 7.2 or 7.3, try this php config:

3. nginx issues guides:

4. If issue persists also provide cpanel login and admin login via support ticket:


Regarding hosting providers, we using in our demos cpanel version from:


Plugins compatibility

This list is from our experience with using our plugins and themes by thousands of clients. If you notice some strange behavior please inform us also via support ticket.

Generally when you have some issue first you should try to disable all third parity plugins in WordPress dashboard and when you need some specific feature use some plugin from our compatible plugins list.

Plugins to avoid (will break your website or causing incompatibility issues so avoid at all costs):


W3 Total Cache

Compatible plugins (will not break your website):




Loco Translate

WP all import

WP all export

Yoast SEO


LiteSpeed Cache


Neighborhood walker


User Profile Picture



SEO slugs in classified script

Extra SEO moduleĀ  can replace: with:

This module is very server configuration
sensitive so no guarantee that will work on all servers.
But it is tested on and there works fine.

Guide to configure:

In application\config\cms_config.php add this lines:
$config['slug_enabled'] = TRUE;
$config['alt_enabled'] = TRUE;

Regarding nice SEO slugs:
and in slug.php you should change:
$script_folder = '/property-point/';
to your folder or useĀ  '/' if your website was in root folder

additionaly, use htaccess_examples/slug.htaccess, move to www directory and rename to .htaccess

and in .htaccess you should change:
RewriteBase /property-point
to your folder name or leave only '/' if your website was in root folder.
mod_rewrite should be enabled without limitations on server for this...

In application\config\config.php you should have defined:
$config['index_page'] = 'index.php';