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Customizations related to Real estate agency portal

How to update script?

Usual guide is: extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

Detailed steps:

1. Download new version on codecanyon

2. in this downloaded zip file remove folders ”/files” and ”/application/config”

Example how to do that with 7zip archiver program:



Upload this file and extract on cpanel where script is installed

Upload via FTP is not suggested because sometimes files are skipped.

If you skipped some updates then check this old guide:

We can also provide updating services for additional cost, you can request via support ticket.

Suggested PHP config

Regarding hosting providers, all our codes are tested on:


99.99% our clients use cpanel, this is best and most easier way to go

Everything else like custom servers just causing unpredictable unnecessary trouble for us and our clients, is very hard to support such clients.

Example php modules from our demo hosting:


from php.ini this parameters are important:

* upload_max_filesize = 128M
* post_max_size = 128M
* max_execution_time = 5000
* max_input_time = 2000
* memory_limit = 512M
* max_input_nesting_level = 128
* max_input_vars = 10000
* output_buffering = 4096

How add or save listing property works?

This is only for very advanced developers who want to change some core features! Not for regular users!
If you need paid customization services please send request here:
You should understand codeigniter MVC:

Also check some articles in knowledge base like:

So usually estate_m.php (method save) and controller estate.php method edit

Basic field details are defined in:


affected fields here:


Saving process:




Date Format / time zone

To change timezone:


list of supported:

Example for using custom date format on property.php template file:

<?php if(!empty($estate_data_option_37)): ?>
<p class="bottom-border">
<?php $date_variable = $estate_data_option_37; ?>
<?php echo date('j F Y', strtotime($date_variable)); ?>
<?php endif;?>

PHP documentation for date function:

37 is example field ID #, can be found in Admin->{listings}->fields


Custom search algorithm

We build search form and algorithm based on standard search logic. But this can also be customized.

PHP + MySQL knowledge is required for this.

Related file where algorithm can be found: application\models\estate_m.php , method filter_results

Example how to ignore all other fields when visitor search from smart search / location input field:


With Firefox developer console (CTRL+Shift+K) you can detect field names used in this search algorithm, example:


If you need some customization’s services, please follow this guide: