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How to auto-integrate walker into other theme?

If you don’t want to each time when adding new property add shortcode this is solution for you:

Walker map can be auto-integrated into theme or plugin with some customizations:

You should investigate which template file generate property preview page and how to fetch coordinates, address and title ,then set it to variables:

$w_p_title , $gmap_lat, $gmap_long, $property_address

Here is example code to generate shortcode in template file:

<h4>Neighborhood places</h4>
$w_p_title = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'post_title', true);
$gmap_lat = $gmap_lat;
$gmap_long = $gmap_long;
$property_address = $property_address;

echo do_shortcode('[walker metric="km" latitude="'.$gmap_lat.'" longitude="'.$gmap_long.'" default_index="1"]'.$w_p_title.'<br />'.$property_address.'[/walker]');

If you have issues or not familiar with “code” I can also try to do this for you for additional cost. If you are interested drop me email or open support ticket…




Custom details on places infowindow

Details can be removed with simple customizations, part of code where content is generated:
wp-content\plugins\SW_Neighborhood_Walker\js\near_places_obj.js, line 321 or search for “placeDetails” and remove wanted, for example part: <a>….</a> if you want to remove link to details.

Regarding address, if you want to add more details etc…
Can be used like this:
'<br />Address: '+placeDetails.formatted_address+