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Issues related to Real estate agency portal


Google Map Infowindow issue in May 2018

On 17.05.2018 Google released new experimental maps api again. without any notice and many websites have troubles after that update again.

Now you should change same as below, but with v=3.3

Google released new experimental maps api on 13.2.2018. without any notice and many websites have troubles after that update.

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MySQLi version mismatch

Example issue:

Message: mysqli::real_connect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50550 Library:100029

Sounds like server issue. PHP and MySQL versions not compatible.

Try this solution:

If this is localhost try with:

For localhost, you can for example (Windows guide):
Install portable XAMPP Version 5.6.3
Create folder in (depends where you install xampp): C:\xampp\htdocs\mywebsite

Performance optimizations, enable caching

Our Classified script support caching/minimizing javascript and css, and also caching websites html for almost instant loading after caching (SSD disk is suggested for better performance).

To enable this feature in application\config\cms_config.php add:

$config['litecache_enabled'] = TRUE;
$config['jscsscache_enabled'] = TRUE;

Additional performance improvements can be done with browser caching, guide:

You can also enable gzip compresson on your server for better page speed:

For best performance, you can also use some dedicated server with built-in caching engine like a2hosting turbo accounts:


Forbidden issues, youtube link

On some servers with mod_security users experienced forbidden issue when ad youtube link to content or form submission.

This can also happen with any other content when mod_security recognize as “unsecure”, and it can even block your IP completely and you can’t access website anymore.

To solve this issue your server admin must disable mod_security or add some rules to enable links submission via form.

Regarding hosting providers, my scripts are tested and work perfectly on:


SPAM issues, captcha configuration

Some users complaining on SPAM issues, even when using standard captcha. We implemented recaptcha for this case in v1.5.9


  1. Update script to min. v1.5.9, guide to update is available on bottom of item page where you purchased product, and can be downloaded on same place as you download product
  2. Get your recaptcha keys on page:
  3. Insert recaptcha keys in application\config\cms_config.php:
    $config['recaptcha_site_key']   = "your-site_key";
    $config['recaptcha_secret_key'] = "your-secret_key";

Also your server should have in php.ini or recaptcha will not work properly:

allow_url_fopen = On;

Standard captcha is supported from v1.4.9 and is included by default:

Google Maps API error on Portal

Quick solution:

  1. Update script to latest version v1.5.9
  2. Get you Maps API key from Google: JavascriptAPIKEy
  3. In Admin->Settings->System settings enter your “Google Maps API key”

Description and changes in older script versions:

From 22 June 2016,  Google blocking GoogleMaps libraries all new domains and some old.

Usage limits description:

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ssl, https configuration

In script version >=v1.5.9 this feature should work by default or after entering your url in:


In script version <1.5.9:

In templates\bootstrap2-responsive\widgets\head.php replace with for frontend.

Same thing in: application\views\admin\components\page_head_main.php same thing.

In application\config\config.php , enter base_url with https:// prefix

If you want auto redirect this can be done by server configuration, please ask hosting provider or find option in your hosting admin interface.

For Hotel Booking / realocation:

File: templates\realocation\widgets\custom_javascript.php replace with for frontend.

PHP 7 compatibility

Our testing is based on PHP 7.0.4 With XAMP portable lite 7.0.4
Download link:

PHP 7 doesn’t support standard mysql connection like mysql_connect, only via PDO or mysqli.

Our script support mysqli perfectly, so If you want to install script to PHP7, you need to define mysqli in database configuration:


Also when configurator is executed you should select mysqli as database connection:



Other is same as with default installation.

Some PHP notices/warnings are still possible in developer script mode, if you using xampp you can disable developer mode by instructions:


Dependent fields doesn’t work?

Dependent fields ONLY CAN HIDE (NEVER SHOW) fields below it, but if you have another depended field below then it will NOT show hidden fields from previous depended field again if you didn’t select check-box.

So you should organize fields in this way. Sometimes you should add some additional fields for specific cases.

If you using tree-field dependent fields, children categories extend dependent fields from parent.

Customization’s are possible, hint for developers:



Configurator page appears after change cms_config.php

This happens when you upload fresh cms_config.php, and by instructions you should edit file on server not upload fresh/new one from not installed script.

Looks like you overwritten your application\config\cms_config.php with new file.

If you have old, then restore and upload old.

If not then you can open it and change:

$config['installed'] = false;


$config['installed'] = true;

If you also overwritten database configuration, then populate it again in application\config\production\database.php

nginx 502 and related issues

Looks like nginx and codeigniter session library are not compatible because nginx have some limitation on session so issues are possible.

Most simple solution is to ask hosting provider to disable nginx or just get another hosting, tested on:


Another is to disable nginx on server if you have such privileges, some solution:

or you can try also this:
Increase the proxy buffer sizes in  nginx.conf file. For instance:

fastcgi_buffers         16  16k;
fastcgi_buffer_size         32k;

proxy_buffer_size 128k;
proxy_buffers 4 256k;
proxy_busy_buffers_size 256k;

If you can’t figure this out you can send me for test your
FTP login details:
Website link:
Admin login details:
Use case scenario:

Not allowed characters issue

Probably you have some strange characters in URL/URI, in most cases this issue occurs on customization’s.

Can be issue with non-ascii character in currency code if you customized this part of script.

In application\config\config.php you can add additional allowed characters in:


Backup issue in script

You receive message: Unsupported feature of the database platform you are using.

You can try with another driver, edit file: application/config/production/database.php

in line:

$db['mysql']['dbdriver'] = 'mysqli';

In this case for example change from mysqli to mysql

Also it’s safer if you backup via cpanel, so just backup there:

Stackoverflow link about this issue:

Sending email issues

Sending email doesn’t work on localhost, only on real server.

If your server support mail function, you don’t need any special configuration.

If your server doesn’t support mail function then you can use external smtp, details for configuration:

You need to change no-reply email address in admin->settings->system settings to real existing email address or mails can be blocked.

You can also try this basic php sendmail example to see if your “mail” function on server works properly:

On some very specific server configuration “-f” flag can cause issues when using mail function. In this case you can open: system\libraries\Email.php , line around 1537:

if ($this->_safe_mode == TRUE)

Change it to:

if ($this->_safe_mode == TRUE || TRUE)

And save changes

Additional strange situation possible in system\libraries\Email.php:


If this doesn’t work then ask your hosting provider why email sending feature doesn’t work on this server and send link to example basic php sendmail example code.

Alternative Solution for SMTP if regular codeigniter method doesn’t work:

First you should have it configured for smtp, guides:

Download smtptester and extract to your server root directory near index.php

copy this custom_code

paste it like that:


And configure regular email config to send with smtp as described here:

SMTP config in new script versions (from 25.7.2021):

Upload file / photo issue

Few possible issues:

First check if you have space available on server.

Check if your PHP version is >= 5.6, if not, then update to 5.6

Check chmod  file writing permissions:

mod_security issue looks like this:


If you receive error every time, then check if GD library is installed on your server

If you receive error on large images / bigger filesize, check this parameters on your server php.ini, should be:

max_execution_time = 300
memory_limit = 256M
post_max_size = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 128M

Most shared servers support php.ini configuration when you copy htaccess_examples\php.ini into your www directory so place where is index.php file

If this doesn’t work then check with your hosting provider or use this one:


Upload settings in script:

You can also customize some upload settings in script file


for example search for:
‘max_file_size’ => null,

If you receiving aborted message

Very rarely (1 server on 1000) have trouble with some filesize issues, send file is not same as uploaded, this indicate some issue in server configuration or other mechanism.

This can be used as hack, but better option will be to use our suggested hosting provider:


Related to image orientation problems (can be caused by some cameras strange/wrong EXIF data), try this solution:


Issues on upload logo or similar, we noticed:


in .htaccess add:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
  SecFilterEngine Off
  SecFilterScanPOST Off

and set permisson 0777