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Frequently asked questions related to Real estate agency portal

Suggested PHP config

Regarding hosting providers, all our codes are tested on:


99.99% our clients use cpanel, this is best and most easier way to go

Everything else like custom servers just causing unpredictable unnecessary trouble for us and our clients, is very hard to support such clients.

Example php modules from our demo hosting:


from php.ini this parameters are important:

* upload_max_filesize = 128M
* post_max_size = 128M
* max_execution_time = 5000
* max_input_time = 2000
* memory_limit = 512M
* max_input_nesting_level = 128
* max_input_vars = 10000
* output_buffering = 4096

My location detection

To use this feature, you should enable location sharing in your browser:


If you already click on never share then this feature will not work in your browser.

In that case you can reinstall your browser / reset your browser settings or google for solution like “enable location sharing in google chrome”

DirectAdmin installation guide

1.  Create database



Save this DB details

2. Upload script zip file via ftp to your domain public_html directory, rename it to

Extract this file: autoinstall and upload autoinstall.php also into public_html directory.

Start this autoinstall file directly from browser, link like:

Of course, change with your real domain

After that open

Now you are ready to install script:


Save provided details and open your website:






Performance optimizations, enable caching

Our Classified script support caching/minimizing javascript and css, and also caching websites html for almost instant loading after caching (SSD disk is suggested for better performance).

To enable this feature in application\config\cms_config.php add:

$config['litecache_enabled'] = TRUE;
$config['jscsscache_enabled'] = TRUE;

Additional performance improvements can be done with browser caching, guide:

You can also enable gzip compresson on your server for better page speed:

For best performance, you can also use some dedicated server with built-in caching engine like a2hosting turbo accounts:


PHP 7 compatibility

Our testing is based on PHP 7.0.4 With XAMP portable lite 7.0.4
Download link:

PHP 7 doesn’t support standard mysql connection like mysql_connect, only via PDO or mysqli.

Our script support mysqli perfectly, so If you want to install script to PHP7, you need to define mysqli in database configuration:


Also when configurator is executed you should select mysqli as database connection:



Other is same as with default installation.

Some PHP notices/warnings are still possible in developer script mode, if you using xampp you can disable developer mode by instructions:


Issue on translation

When you want to translate large files in one click then you can receive white screen, time execution error, curl calls limitation error or other server related issue because of server configuration limitations.

You can change this configuration on your server or in script we implement configuration (only version >= 1.5.8):

You can add into application\config\cms_config.php to limit calls

$config['limit_curl_calls'] = 20;

After that system will translate only 20 fields at once, then you should save and translate again few times until complete file is translated.

For server configuration, notices:

Check this parameters on your server php.ini, should be:

max_execution_time = 300
memory_limit = 256M
post_max_size = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 128M

Most shared servers support php.ini configuration when you copy htaccess_examples\php.ini into your www directory so place where is index.php file

If this doesn’t work then check with your hosting provider

Are you banned from Google Translate API or it simply doesn’t work?

Script version >= 1.5.8 supports also commercial google translate server API key.

Can be entered into: application\libraries\GTranslation.php, line 13

Instructions to get API key:

If you don’t receive any results, you can try to call google api directly to check if works, example link:

Cpanel installation guide

Of course first you should buy hosting package for your website, my suggestion where everything is tested and works nice:


If you are too lazy or don’t have time I can also provide you installation service, details:

1. Login to your cpanel and click on mysql databases icon:



2. Create database:


3. Create user:



4. Add user to database:


5. Define user privileges:



6. Go to phpMyAdmin:



7. Change char set:


8. Open file manager:


9. Go to file uploading:


10. Upload file:


11. Extract file on server


12. Delete file from server:


13. Now you are ready to install script:


14. Save provided details and open your website: