Google Maps API error on Portal

Quick solution:

  1. Update script to latest version v1.5.9
  2. Get you Maps API key from Google: JavascriptAPIKEy
  3. In Admin->Settings->System settings enter your “Google Maps API key”

Description and changes in older script versions:

From 22 June 2016,  Google blocking GoogleMaps libraries all new domains and some old.

Usage limits description:

Now strictly require APIKey, issue looks like this, or similar:

maps issue

Console in Firefox can be opened with (CTRL+Shift+K)

From v1.5.9, hotfix and Horse Market Sell & Rent Portal

First of all try clear cache or another PC and refresh your page after that.

You can add/edit configuration in application\config\cms_config.php or file

$config['maps_api_key'] = 'your-api-key';

And for Horse script version in file:

file templates\proper\config\template_config.php

Solution to insert apikey on script versions <=1.5.9:

In application\views\admin\components\page_head_main.php


For Bootstrap2 template, file templates\bootstrap2-responsive\widgets\head.php, also similar, example:


For Boomerang template (Classifieds MultiPurpose script) , file templates\boomerang\widgets\head.php, also similar

In Realocation (Hotel booking script) similar, but in another file: templates\realocation\widgets\custom_javascript.php

For Realsite (CityGuide script) template, file templates\realsite\widgets\head.php, also similar

For Proper template (Retro Theme), file templates\proper\widgets\head.php, also similar

Google Maps Neighborhood Walker for WordPress

  1. Get your API key as described below
  2. Update plugin (Deactivate and Remove current, then install again)
  3. Enter api key in Admin->Settings->Walker settings

Guide to get API key:

Detailed PDF guide with screenshots: JavascriptAPIKEy

If you will have additional problems, drop me email with your website link, admin login details and FTP login details via email: