Enable error reporting / debuging

Sometimes only error reporting can help you to find error.

Check if you using php version >= 5.6, older PHP version can cause issues with blank screen!

In script you can enable error reporting in index.php as attached.

Sometimes mysqli database driver disabled on server cause blank screen issue. In that case open application\config\production\database.php and change driver from mysqli to mysql. In that case, when installing don’t forget to select mysql driver.

If this is not issue, to enable error reporting in script:


If you still don’t see errors, probably you have disabled error reporting on server.

If you have error reporting disabled on server, then you should ask hosting admin to enable this for you, or try to enable it via cpanel if your server support this:

Login to cpanel -> Select PHP version -> Change version to 5.6 and click Set as current->Click on Switch to PHP Settings->then this will appear:


When you are completed, don’t forget to disable error reporting again, in index.php only!