How to customize something on website HTML?

So you want to add/remove something in some HTML template? You are on right place ;-)

Of course, CSS / HTML knowledge is required for something like that. If you don’t know what is CSS/HTML then please check out my services:

My suggestion is to use Firefox developer console, press CTRL+SHIFT+K

Check out this screen for instructions how to find some element etc… Lats say that you want to remove agents from homepage.

First you need to know which template file you using for homepage, so check this screen for example (of course you can also add new one):


Then you need to find where is your wanted part located in HTML, my suggestion is with firebug, example:


Now open and edit specific file as example:


For more details about templates, sub-templates, language and simmilar check out in documentation:!/templates

If this doesn’t help, you don’t have time or knowledge then you are ready to ask my service ( don’t worry it’s cheap :-) )…