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Custom search algorithm

We build search form and algorithm based on standard search logic. But this can also be customized.

PHP + MySQL knowledge is required for this.

Related file where algorithm can be found: application\models\estate_m.php , method filter_results

Example how to ignore all other fields when visitor search from smart search / location input field:


With Firefox developer console (CTRL+Shift+K) you can detect field names used in this search algorithm, example:


If you need some customization’s services, please follow this guide: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?page_id=1870

Visual search form builder tricks

If you using template which support visual search form builder like:

Property Listing and Hotel Booking Portal #02
Real Estate Retro Template #03
Horse Market Sell & Rent Portal

You can customize forms by guide:


But if you wish for example split row into 3 columns or add custom css class then you can add it also:


then depend on bootstrap version or custom classes you can add for example “bootstrap3″:


More detail about bootstrap grid system:


How to add custom field to registration form?

New script version (>= 1.6.0) support custom fields for user registration:
For serious customization’s, Programming skills required, or you can contact me for this customization (cost additionaly)!
1. Add field to database table ‘user’
2. Add rules for that field in application\models\user_m.php, line 11, into array variable: $rules_admin
3. Add field to: application\controllers\admin\user.php, line around 162 into:
$data = $this->user_m->array_from_post(array(…
Same thing in: application\controllers\frontend.php, line 642, 1103, 1670 (three times)
4. Add field to: application\views\admin\user\edit.php, oko linije 180
5. Add field to: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\login.php, around line 250
5. Add field to: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\myprofile.php, around line 140