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How add or save listing property works?

This is only for very advanced developers who want to change some core features! Not for regular users!
If you need paid customization services please send request here:
You should understand codeigniter MVC:  https://codeigniter.com/userguide2/overview/mvc.html

Also check some articles in knowledge base like: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?p=1288

So usually estate_m.php (method save) and controller estate.php method edit

Basic field details are defined in:


affected fields here:


Saving process:




Add new listing category

This article is suitable for this script only: Classifieds Multipurpose Portal – Infinity Market

  1. Add new category in Admin->Listings->Categories->Add New
    Screen: http://geniuscript.com/classified/documentation_infinitymarket/#!/add_listing_category
  2. Add new related fields in Admin->Listings->Fields->Add field
    Screen: http://geniuscript.com/classified/documentation_infinitymarket/#!/listings_fields
  3. Hide fields not related to your new category in Admin->Listings->Dependent fields->Add dependent field->check fields that you wish to hidden
    Screen: http://geniuscript.com/classified/documentation_infinitymarket/#!/dependent_fields

And this is everything… you should not unlock or remove any field at all because this will break other categories to work properly.

How to change content/fields in results items?

For WP theme/plugin version

Developers basic skills needed for this, if you are nor familiar check guide to ask for customization (cost additional):  http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?page_id=1870

You need to modify file SW_Win_Classified\views\frontend\resultspage.php in your theme, usual location for nexos theme:


Example to add address:




Example for location or very custom fields:

Basically copied from wp-content\themes\nexos\SW_Win_Classified\views\frontend\listingpreview.php


example results:




For script version >= 1.5.7

For grid version you can edit content in: templates\{your_template}\widgets\results_item.php

And for list version templates\{your_template}\results.php

General HTML customization guide: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?p=2076

For bootstrap template (old script version < 1.5.6):

For initial results listing, you should edit template file selected when editing pagem for example templates\bootstrap2-responsive\page_homepage.php, begining from line around 122, {results} … {/results}:

For example if you want to change bathrooms with badrooms, replace:

<p class="bottom-border">{options_name_19} <span>{option_19}</span></p>


<p class="bottom-border">{options_name_20} <span>{option_20}</span></p>

Number represents field/option ID#

For results listing when clicking to search button, you should edit templates\bootstrap2-responsive\results.php, lines from 30-115, same thing but 2 times (for grid view type and list view type),  same thing, so:

For example if you want to change bathrooms with badrooms, replace 2 times (line 45 and line 88):

<p class="bottom-border">{options_name_19} <span>{option_19}</span></p>


<p class="bottom-border">{options_name_20} <span>{option_20}</span></p>

Number represents field/option ID#


How to add / edit or delete the menu tabs on map ? i.e Sale , Rent and both ?

Login to administration->Real Estates->Fields->Edit ‘Purpose’->On all langauges remove wanted values, for example “sale” and “rent and sale” but one should stay or you can expect issues!

If you want just hide it, this can be done via css file templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\css\styles.css, add:

ul#search_option_4 li{

ul#search_option_4 li.list-property-button

If you want to hide “All” in standard real estate bootstrap2-responsive template: