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How to auto-integrate walker into other theme?

If you don’t want to each time when adding new property add shortcode this is solution for you:

Walker map can be auto-integrated into theme or plugin with some customizations:

You should investigate which template file generate property preview page and how to fetch coordinates, address and title ,then set it to variables:

$w_p_title , $gmap_lat, $gmap_long, $property_address

Here is example code to generate shortcode in template file:

<h4>Neighborhood places</h4>
$w_p_title = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'post_title', true);
$gmap_lat = $gmap_lat;
$gmap_long = $gmap_long;
$property_address = $property_address;

echo do_shortcode('[walker metric="km" latitude="'.$gmap_lat.'" longitude="'.$gmap_long.'" default_index="1"]'.$w_p_title.'<br />'.$property_address.'[/walker]');

If you have issues or not familiar with “code” I can also try to do this for you for additional cost. If you are interested drop me email or open support ticket…