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How to add custom payment gateway hints

We have additional payment module whit support for authorize.net, stripe and simple invoices for manual bank payments (cost 30 EUR).
If you are interested for this module please send me message to email: sanljiljan@geniuscript.com
Some hints to build custom payments module (not easy task, good PHP knowledge required):
You should add custom links/buttons for that payments in template files where you wish, for example:
Most frontend payment functionality is under application\controllers\frontend.php, search for “do_purchase”
If you need some backend changes then this should help:
And this should be surely help you: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?p=1288

How to add custom field to property preview page?

First you should add new field via your administration:
Admin->Real estate->Fields (You can see # part there, what is field ID)

Then you should add it to your template file property.php


Where # represents field id / key of option

You can also use alternative PHP syntax, for example:

<?php if(!empty($estate_data_option_#))echo $estate_data_option_#; ?>

More details are available in documentation:


To add new category, most simple way is to just copy example code from another category and modify by your needs.

Or use this code example:


    $category_id = 1;


<?php if(isset(${"category_options_$category_id"}) && ${"category_options_count_$category_id"}>0): ?>
<h3 class="page-header"><?php echo ${"options_name_$category_id"} ?></h3>
<div class="property-amenities clearfix">
        <?php foreach(${"category_options_$category_id"} as $key=>$row): ?>
        <?php if(!empty($row['option_value'])): ?>
            <?php if(count($row['is_text']) > 0): ?>
            <div class="panel-row"> 
                <p class="bottom-border"><strong><?php _che($row['option_name']); ?>:</strong> <span><?php echo _che($row['option_prefix']); ?> <?php echo _che($row['option_value']); ?> <?php echo _che($row['option_suffix']); ?></span><br style="clear: both;" /></p>
            <?php elseif(count($row['is_dropdown']) > 0): ?>
            <div class="panel-row"> 
                <p class="bottom-border"><strong><?php _che($row['option_name']); ?>:</strong> <span class="label label-success"><?php echo _che($row['option_prefix']); ?> <?php echo _che($row['option_value']); ?> <?php echo _che($row['option_suffix']); ?></span><br style="clear: both;" /></p>
            <?php endif; ?>
        <?php endif; ?>
        <?php endforeach; ?>
</div><!-- /.property-amenities -->
<?php endif; ?>