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DirectAdmin installation guide

1.  Create database



Save this DB details

2. Upload script zip file via ftp to your domain public_html directory, rename it to script.zip

Extract this file: autoinstall and upload autoinstall.php also into public_html directory.

Start this autoinstall file directly from browser, link like:


Of course, change your-website-domain.com with your real domain

After that open http://your-website-domain.com

Now you are ready to install script:


Save provided details and open your website:






How to hide option in admin for specific user?

View file is application\views\admin\estate\edit.php, you should detect lines based on option type. For example if you changing for TEXTAREA (long input) then line 162…

You can for example add class hide  into:

<div class=”form-group”>

So replace it with omething like that:

<?php if($this->session->userdata('username') != 'sandi' && $val_option->id == 73): ?>
<div class="form-group hide">
<?php else: ?>
<div class="form-group">
<?php endif; ?>

In this case only user with username sandi will see option 74 field when edit property in administration…