How to add / translate to additional language

Add new language via admin: Login to admin->Settings->languages->Add language->enter for example ‘russian’ and code to for example ‘ru’. Your language code need to be in ISO format: Then translate everything, instructions here:  

How to add Google translator widget to automatically translate your website?

Follow Google instructions here to create widget: Code for head part is available in file, so place code there: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\widgets\head.php or in older script version: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\components\head.php And code for display best will be to replace current language menu, so in: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\widgets\header_mainmenu.php or in older script version: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\components\header.php templates\bootstrap2-responsive\components\header-filter.php templates\bootstrap2-responsive\components\header-slideshow.php Replace {print_lang_menu} in above files… […]

I translate everything, but search doesn’t work, parameters like {option_1} is displayed etc…

PDF file with screenshots: Looks that you forget to translate something, please check in that order: Login to admin Pages->Edit every page->click on tab “your_language” and translate all values Real Estates->Fields->Edit every Field->click on tab “your_language” and translate all values *hint: After changes you should edit->save again all your properties, specially for purpose field! […]

Script Selio Change footer

All text changes in our scripts can be done via translation feature, so example: You should translate this via administration for your language: Admin->Settings->Languages->Translate files for wanted language->frontend_template_lang.php->translate missing fields Example video: And more info: Also possible to change in files: Files related: templates\selio\custom_template.php templates\selio\footers\alternative.php templates\selio\footers\default.php Example:

Plugins compatibility

This list is from our experience with using our plugins and themes by thousands of clients. If you notice some strange behavior please inform us also via support ticket. Generally when you have some issue first you should try to disable all third parity plugins in WordPress dashboard and when you need some specific feature […]


iPhone / iOS App for Real Estate

Native Swift iOS App template compatible with our Real Estate solutions. If you are interested please send me email to: With subject {ios-app} Demo App example: iTunes link Developer license price: 50 EUR + VAT, for 1 app on iOS market (publish app service or modifications are not included, source code is included) Purchase […]

Issue on translation

When you want to translate large files in one click then you can receive white screen, time execution error, curl calls limitation error or other server related issue because of server configuration limitations. You can change this configuration on your server or in script we implement configuration (only version >= 1.5.8): You can add into […]

How to enable cookie warning for EU?

In application\config\cms_config.php add: $config[‘cookie_warning_enabled’] = TRUE; Cookie warning message can be customized in file: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\js\cookiewarning4.js For change message, open translate file, and find line with: $lang[‘Accept cookiebar’] file: templates\{your-template-name}\language\{your-language}\frontend_template_lang.php

How to remove english language?

 You can hide english language if this is enought for you (Admin->Settings->languages->Edit wanted) You can rename english language to something else and translate (Admin->Settings->languages->Edit wanted) You can remove it, but must be sure if you  translate everything on website to your other language before this. If yes, then: 1. Just for security backup everything 2. […]

How to add new badget, for example ‘hot’ or new icon?

Probably when you translating badget, you translate also this field values, but this field values is related to filenames of badget icons so you should also add new badget icon image or leave english version. To leave english version: Login to admin->Estates->Fields or Options->Edit badget->Change values of each language to:  empty,new,sold,action To add new version […]

How to change marker map icons?

Marker icon values is related to marker file-name icons, this is important in case if you adding new language, and not add icons, then you should not translate this values. You will see blank/standard markers then. Google map marker icons can be found in: ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\markers’ Or if you using realocation template then: templates\realocation\assets\img\icons You should […]