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Customizations related to Real estate agency portal

How can i set up custom search form? Different for any types of estate….


Template file for this page is: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\page_customsearch.php

You can create more files like this…

And in each template file you can define different search fields…

Search fields are defined in part of code:
<div class="search-form">...</div>

So you can copy it and modify, numbers represents options/fields ID#



The sliding image on property.php is only showing top part of images.

Script version >= 1.5.6

in property.php template file you can replace slider code:

<div class="item {first_active}">
<div style="background:url('{url}') center center; background-size:cover;" class="slider-size">

With something like (870x469 is example image size):

<?php foreach($slideshow_property_images as $file): ?>
<div class="item <?php echo $file['first_active']; ?>">
<div style="background:url('<?php echo _simg($file['url'], '870x469'); ?>') center center; background-size:cover;" class="slider-size">
<?php endforeach; ?>

Old solution:

Solution to match with height and width to show whole image?
You should customize css in templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\css\styles.css, line around 1340:

/* Carousel */
#myCarousel img


How to change Content in google maps popup?



In version 1.5.5:

You can customize file:

In older version <=1.5.4:

You need to change (only example for template page_homepage.php, for other template files you should open other template file):
templates\{your-template}\page_homepage.php, line 34.

Variable name depends on ID of this option/field, you can find it in your administration->Estates->Options
Pseudo variable: {option_#}, # is ID
For more details about variable, check out:!/property_template , section “Real estates for map on top:”

And for ajax results:
application\controllers\frontend.php, line around 2689:
$estate_obj_gen->data= …

Here you can use for example something like this:
(!empty($estate[‘option_36′])?$this->data[‘options_prefix_36′].” “.$estate[‘option_36′].” “.$this->data[‘options_suffix_36′]:”)

In your template file if you want to change autoload map popups then you should customize this part (red color), you should use CTRL+F to find this code:

                {latLng:[{gps}], adr:"{address}",  options:{ icon: "{icon}" , labelContent: ( abbrNum({option_36}) ), labelAnchor: new google.maps.Point(22, -5), labelClass: "labels", labelStyle: {opacity: 0.75} }, data:"<a style=\"color:#25863E\" href=\"{url}\">{option_2} in {address} for {option_4}</a><br />{option_3}{options_suffix_3}  {has_option_19}{option_19} bathrooms{/has_option_19}  {has_option_20}{option_20} bedrooms{/has_option_20}  {has_option_1000}Zone {option_1000}{/has_option_1000} "},