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Frequently asked questions related to Real estate agency portal

I skipped one update, what is the procedure now?

First of all please make a backup (zip all files and database export in phpMyAdmin)!

If you don’t want to risk or not familiar with tools like phpMyAdmin, I can also do this for additional price, just send me support ticket.

Please check out you script version, open file index.php and there you should find something like this:

define('APP_VERSION_REAL_ESTATE', '1.5.2 beta');

For script version >= 1.5.3:

Update instructions from version to version is available on item page, bottom:

Usually it works this way:

Extract all files except ”/files” folder and ”/application/config” folder and update database by running updater script: index.php/updater

If you skipped updates then you should run updater few times to update database.

For older scipt version <1.5.3:

If you want to do it yourself:

Extract all files except:

  • ”/files” folder
  • “/application/config/production/database.php”
  • “/application/config/cms_config.php”

If you configure something additionaly, please then reconfigure this again in new files…

And update database, in phpmyadmin select database and import, for example if your version is 1.4.4 then you should update database by order starting from next version sql file (All files are available when you download new version from codecanyon):

DON't RUN update-1.5.3.sql, there is different update instructions (easier), check out on item description page

There can be additional configuration betwen version, please check item description page bottom for details about update for each version…

If you receive any SQL error please don’t run same script again or skip version because you can have troubles in future. Error can be because of your new custom fields and something like that, then you should remove this fields…

In error situation, please send me your cpanel login details to check out what happens…

How to add Watermark / Stamp to images?

In file ‘application\libraries\UploadHandler.php’, line around 106, change from:

'watermark' => false


'watermark' => true

Watermark / Stamp image file is available: admin-assets\img\stamp.png

Watermark / Stamp will be added to new uploaded images.

How to move the portal script to another host / server?

First you should buy another hosting package for your website, my suggestion where everything is tested and works nice:


  1. Copy all files and export-import database via phpMyAdmin
  2. Manually configure database details in file application\config\production\database.php
  3. Check configuration file application\config\config.php, specially line 29 and line 41, sometimes you need change .htaccess file because of removing index.php or customizations
  4. Change codecanyon_username and purchase_code in file: application\config\cms_config.php with new one (one purchase code is for one installation only)

Possible ssues after move (blank screen or similar):

  • Hard-coded website domain in application\config\config.php :
  • Wrong quotes in application\config\production\database.php or other config file
  • Different PHP version on new server (Best will be 5.6)
  • mysql db driver not supported, you should try with mysqli, just replace in database config file or select when installing

Quote issue example:


You can’t login after moving issues:

Script using advanced hashing methods to protect passwords saved in database, if your server doesn’t support same as localhost, then login will not work on any account.

In that case you should register new account, and manually define it as admin to login as admin, for this you should:

Login to your Cpanel->PHPMyAdmin->Open database table users and change type of added user to ADMIN:



How to add / edit or delete the menu tabs on map ? i.e Sale , Rent and both ?

Login to administration->Real Estates->Fields->Edit ‘Purpose’->On all langauges remove wanted values, for example “sale” and “rent and sale” but one should stay or you can expect issues!

If you want just hide it, this can be done via css file templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\css\styles.css, add:

ul#search_option_4 li{

ul#search_option_4 li.list-property-button

If you want to hide “All” in standard real estate bootstrap2-responsive template:


How to add new badget, for example ‘hot’ or new icon?

Probably when you translating badget, you translate also this field values, but this field values is related to filenames of badget icons so you should also add new badget icon image or leave english version.

To leave english version:

Login to admin->Estates->Fields or Options->Edit badget->Change values of each language to:  empty,new,sold,action

To add new version for your language:
Add option value for option ‘icon’ for example ‘hot’ (please use only english lowercase characters without spaces/dots etc. for this value) to all languages and add image in badgets folder ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\badgets’, hot.png

To add icon for specific option like amenities etc.:

Or for icons ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\icons\option_id’ folder, for example 23.png where 23 is option_id

Google map marker icons can be found in: ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\markers’


Solution to hide amenities in Frontend Property page:

  1. Create new option with type category and name ‘hidden amenities’
  2. General amenities that you want to hide just replace/move to this category ‘hidden amenities’. And it will not be visible on Frontend property page.

*Please don’t hide all amenities, min. one must stay there ;-) If you want to hide all then you need to change template file (just remove amenities section from template file).

Begginer step-by-step instructions if you have cpanel on hosting, to create database:

  1. Open Cpanel -> “MySQL databases”
  2. Create New Database, enter name and click “Create”
  3. Add New User, enter username/password and click “Create user”
  4. Add User To Database, select created database and user and click “Add”
  5. Check for “ALL PRIVILEGES” and click “Make Changes”
  6. Open Cpanel -> “phpMyAdmin” -> Click on your database
  7. Click on operations, select Collation “utf8_unicode_ci” and click “go”
  8. Now enter this database data to configurator, something like “cpanelusername_databasename”, “cpanelusername_databaseusername”, “password” entered

How to change currency?

In this script you can have different currency for different languages, can be prefixed or suffixed how you want…

Listing currency instructions if you using real estate version:
Login to Admin->Real estates->Fields->Price->Edit->Change Suffix/Prefix for wanted language

Listing currency instructions if you using classified version:
Login to Admin->Listings->Fields->Price->Edit->Change Suffix/Prefix for wanted language

So based on different scripts, “Listings” may be Locations, Vehicles, Cars etc, but path is same


NOTE: Here you can also enter some special characters, like example for INDIAN RUPEE SIGN, &#8377;

You can check here to find your code:

NOTE: If you using classified script then you should click on Listings instead of Real estate, If city guide then click on Locations instead of Real estate, example:

Login to Admin->Listings->Fields->Price->Edit->Change Suffix/Prefix for wanted language

PayPal currency instructions:
Login to Admin->Settings->System->Default PayPal currency


PayPal doesn’t support other currencies, but if you wish you can add it in: application\models\payments_m.php

More about PayPal supported currencies:

Rates prices currencies:

Also need to be supported by paypal.

You can change it in admin->settings->languages->Edit->Change currency->save.

After that you should also define rates again with this new currency.




How to change footer part details, logos, social buttons and links?

For logos:
Just replace wanted following images:

  • admin-assets/img/custom/logo-system-mini.png
  • templates/bootstrap2-responsive/assets/img/logo.png
  • templates/bootstrap2-responsive/assets/img/partners/winter.png

More details about logos:

Contact details:
Admin->Settings->Change Address Footer

Social buttons:
Admin->Settings->Design template->Change Facebook or Social code

For social buttons, you can generate code on this service: and paste code there to textarea…

Other customizations can be changed in template file, for example:

Left logo in footer?
templates\bootstrap2-responsive\components\footer.php, line around 6:

<img src=”assets/img/logo.png” alt=”Logo footer” />

Image file: templates/bootstrap2-responsive/assets/img/logo.png

Right logo in footer?
templates\bootstrap2-responsive\components\footer.php, line around 37:

<a class="developed_by" href="" target="_blank"><img src="assets/img/partners/winter.png" alt="winter logo" /></a>

Image file: templates/bootstrap2-responsive/assets/img/partners/winter.png

In script version >= 1.5.6, different files:




How to remove option / field like Energy efficiency?


Sometimes fields are locked because removing them require template customizations, specially red hard locked.

Here is instructions for black / soft locked fields:


Because this field is locked (used in template directly), you need also remove folder: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\js\dpejes

or modify property.php template file to completely remove this option.


How to change marker map icons?

Marker icon values is related to marker file-name icons, this is important in case if you adding new language, and not add icons, then you should not translate this values. You will see blank/standard markers then.

Google map marker icons can be found in: ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\markers’

Or if you using realocation template then: templates\realocation\assets\img\icons

You should replace this images with new one or add new like this.

If you want to add new file, name it lowercased and add to field values via administration:
Admin->Real estates->Fields->Add value in list, for example:

And file your_new_filename.png