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Customizations related to Real estate agency portal

PDF and characters issue

PHP PDF library only supports croatian and english characters. Customizations for other langauges can be added in application\libraries\Pdf.php



If you found solution for your language will be nice if you can share it with us so we can integrate it into future updates. ( NOTE: You will receive free gift from us ;-) )



Open search results on another page?

Something like this is not supported and additional coding is required.

If you are not familiar with coding, please follow this guide:

Customization hints for your developer:

Script version >= 1.5.9:

In your cms_config.php add:

$config['search_listing_page'] = 2;

where number 2 represents page ID where you wish to show results. Of course this page should have template which showing results or it not be visible.

For older script versions:

templates\{your-template}\widgets\head.php, customize javascript function manualSearch, it is triggered when user click “search” button and contains all parameters.

You should develop redirect to another page, with search json for api, details:!/public_api_rss




Visual search form builder tricks

If you using template which support visual search form builder like:

Property Listing and Hotel Booking Portal #02
Real Estate Retro Template #03
Horse Market Sell & Rent Portal

You can customize forms by guide:!/custom_search_form

But if you wish for example split row into 3 columns or add custom css class then you can add it also:


then depend on bootstrap version or custom classes you can add for example “bootstrap3″:


More detail about bootstrap grid system:

Search by specific price related to purpose

By default search by price works based on defined purpose “Sale “or “Rent”

By default Sale price is used, field ID #36

If user select purpose which contains word “Rent” then field ID #37 (Rent is used)

Only Rent price (excl.) is used for search, other is only used for information, to show on property preview page.

If you want to add new prices for search or customize this functionality, probably you should look into application\controllers\frontend.php, ajax method, code inside comment block:

/* Define purpose */
/* End define purpose */

Currently there is code to automatically change from sale price to rent if user select purpose which contain word “Rent”. You should do same thing for your new price/purpose.

Also don’t forget to enable filtering for your new price field in administration, guide:

If you are not familiar with PHP I can provide customization for you (cost additional). Details:

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Add additional sort / order on homepage

Some PHP + HTML knowledge is required for this.

For version >= 1.5.5.:

This feature is only available for this type of fields: ‘INPUTBOX’, ‘DECIMAL’, ‘INTEGER’

For example that you want to enable filtering by: “Energy efficient”

Go to Admin->Real estates->Fields->Edit “Energy efficient” and click on “Enable numerical filtering”:


Now you need to add additional field in dropdown on homepage.

For realocation template for example open templates\{your-template}\widgets\center_recentproperties.php (or another if you using) add additional option in:

<select class="form-control pull-right selectpicker-small" placeholder="<?php _l('Sort'); ?>">
    <option value="id ASC" <?php _che($order_dateASC_selected); ?>><?php _l('DateASC'); ?></option>
    <option value="id DESC" <?php _che($order_dateDESC_selected); ?>><?php _l('DateDESC'); ?></option>
    <option value="price ASC" <?php _che($order_priceASC_selected); ?>><?php _l('PriceASC'); ?></option>
    <option value="price DESC" <?php _che($order_priceDESC_selected); ?>><?php _l('PriceDESC'); ?></option>

For example:

<option value="field_59_int ASC" <?php _che($order_field_59_int_ASC_selected); ?>><?php _l('Energy efficient'); ?></option>

Also you should add it in: templates\{your-template}\results.php

if value is not numeric then you should:

into property_lang database table add:


Add this:

<option value=”field_7 ASC”>Your option name</option>

7 in that case represents field ID

One example:




You need very custom number formating?

You can enable beta feature numeric field in cms_config.php:

$config['enable_numeric_input'] = TRUE;

After that you can change field type in admin->real estate->fields->price related fields.

If you have issue with results ordering:

Please check application\models\estate_m.php, line around 592 you can find:

$value_n = str_replace("'", '', $value_n);
$value_n = str_replace("’", '', $value_n);
$value_n = str_replace(",", '', $value_n);

You can customize this code by your needs.

Example for format: #.###,00

$value_n = str_replace("'", '', $value_n);
$value_n = str_replace("’", '', $value_n);
$value_n = str_replace(".", '', $value_n); // to remove dot
$value_n = str_replace(",", '.', $value_n); // to replace , with dot

After that you should edit->save your available properties.

Regarding filters on search form:

Regarding this filters, you cahn change functionality in:
templates\bootstrap2-responsive\components\head.php, search for:

/* [START] NumericFields */

$(function() {
    <?php if(config_db_item('swiss_number_format') == TRUE): ?>
    $('input.DECIMAL').number( true, 2, '.', '\'' );
    $('input.INTEGER').number( true, 0, '.', '\'' );
    <?php else: ?>
    $('input.DECIMAL').number( true, 2 );
    $('input.INTEGER').number( true, 0 );
    <?php endif; ?>

/* [END] NumericFields */

 Swiss number formating

You can enable swiss number formating in cms_config.php, add:

$config['swiss_number_format'] = TRUE;

And customize example code by your wish.

You can also customize number formatting in jquery plugin code:

/ templates / bootstrap2-responsive / assets / js / jquery.number.js
Change line 139 and 140 to define the point and the comma

Link to jquery plugin which is used: