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Frequently asked questions related to Real estate agency portal

How to backup via cpanel?

Auto-backup via cpanel:

1. Login to your cpanel

2. Backups->Download a Full website backup

Manual-backup via cpanel or similar tool:

1. Login to your cpanel

2. (Backup database) Go to phpMyAdmin, select database, export:

3. (Backup files) Go to file manager from cpanel dashboard:

Select folder where script is installed, all files inside and archive


Download compressed file:



How to install script on localhost?

For localhost, you can for example (Windows guide):
Install portable XAMPP Version 5.6.3
Create folder in (depends where you install xampp): C:\xampp\htdocs\mywebsite
Extract archive to: C:\xampp\htdocs\mywebsite (Use 7zip, issues are possible with some archivers)
Create empty file: C:\xampp\htdocs\mywebsite\install.txt
Run XAMPP, Apache and MySQL
In browser open phpMyAdmin: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
Databases->Create new “mywebsite” as attached screen
Run script installation: http://localhost/mywebsite
If you have blank screen issue, try this:
If no then just enter your wanted details and for database:
DBNAME: “mywebsite”
DBUSER: “root”
We noticed XAMPP >=8.1.6 causing blank screen issue
quickfix solution:
after you extract zip
edit application\config\production\database.php
this change to false:

How to enable cookie warning for EU?

In application\config\cms_config.php add:

$config['cookie_warning_enabled'] = TRUE;

Cookie warning message can be customized in file:


For change message, open translate file, and find line with:

$lang['Accept cookiebar']

file: templates\{your-template-name}\language\{your-language}\frontend_template_lang.php

How to earn / win some money with real estate script:

  1. With selling properties listing submission activation for visitors, Admin->Settings->Change price
  2. With selling property featured listing submission for visitors, Admin->Settings->Change price
  3. With adsense or simmilar network banners, Admin->Settings->change adsense codes
  4. With selling ad banners (I have additional modul for this, not available with standard script license)
  5. With paid packages for listing num limitation and days limitation (I have additional modul for this, not available with standard script license)
  6. With booking, reservation of apartments (I have additional modul for this, not available with standard script license)

You can receive money with PayPal or Cash

How to remove english language?

  •  You can hide english language if this is enought for you (Admin->Settings->languages->Edit wanted)
  • You can rename english language to something else and translate (Admin->Settings->languages->Edit wanted)

You can remove it, but must be sure if you  translate everything on website to your other language before this.

If yes, then:
1. Just for security backup everything

2. Open phpMyAdmin and  run SQL:

UPDATE `language` SET is_locked=0 WHERE 1

3.  Now you can remove language from admin interface Admin->Settings->languages->Remove wanted language

How to add external website link to menu?

Admin->Pages->Add Page-> In keywords field you can add any link, for example:

If you need quotes in URL, for example when calling api methods with json, then you should replace quote with %22, example on image:


NOTE: in script v1.5.9 and above this replace is not required anymore.

For classifieds script you can take link as on this example:

 search={"v_search_option_79":"example value"}




If you will add complete link including…; then other page will be opened depend on link, so be careful.

SEO optimizations and removing index.php

How to submit your page on google?

Most simple way is to submit your generated sitemap.xml to google webmaster tools:

Generated URL example:

Regarding removing index.php:

First of all this doesn’t work on standard localhost, only on real servers!

If you want best seo principles like just content title in URL, without “index.php” in URI, you need to:

Rename “seo.htaccess” file to “.htaccess”.

.htaccess should be placed into your public_html, so root of your web installation, example:


In “application/config/config.php” change:

$config[‘index_page’] = ‘index.php';


$config[‘index_page’] = ”;

Some hosting providers have many restrictions with *.htaccess files, there is more versions so you can try other versions like seo-v2.htaccess etc…

Regarding hosting providers, this customization is tested on:


Don’t forget to check out extra seo module:

Or this hint: