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How to remove option / field like Energy efficiency?


Sometimes fields are locked because removing them require template customizations, specially red hard locked.

Here is instructions for black / soft locked fields:


Because this field is locked (used in template directly), you need also remove folder: templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\js\dpejes

or modify property.php template file to completely remove this option.


The sliding image on property.php is only showing top part of images.

Script version >= 1.5.6

in property.php template file you can replace slider code:

<div class="item {first_active}">
<div style="background:url('{url}') center center; background-size:cover;" class="slider-size">

With something like (870x469 is example image size):

<?php foreach($slideshow_property_images as $file): ?>
<div class="item <?php echo $file['first_active']; ?>">
<div style="background:url('<?php echo _simg($file['url'], '870x469'); ?>') center center; background-size:cover;" class="slider-size">
<?php endforeach; ?>

Old solution:

Solution to match with height and width to show whole image?
You should customize css in templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\css\styles.css, line around 1340:

/* Carousel */
#myCarousel img


How to change marker map icons?

Marker icon values is related to marker file-name icons, this is important in case if you adding new language, and not add icons, then you should not translate this values. You will see blank/standard markers then.

Google map marker icons can be found in: ‘templates\bootstrap2-responsive\assets\img\markers’

Or if you using realocation template then: templates\realocation\assets\img\icons

You should replace this images with new one or add new like this.

If you want to add new file, name it lowercased and add to field values via administration:
Admin->Real estates->Fields->Add value in list, for example:

And file your_new_filename.png


How to change Content in google maps popup?



In version 1.5.5:

You can customize file:

In older version <=1.5.4:

You need to change (only example for template page_homepage.php, for other template files you should open other template file):
templates\{your-template}\page_homepage.php, line 34.

Variable name depends on ID of this option/field, you can find it in your administration->Estates->Options
Pseudo variable: {option_#}, # is ID
For more details about variable, check out:!/property_template , section “Real estates for map on top:”

And for ajax results:
application\controllers\frontend.php, line around 2689:
$estate_obj_gen->data= …

Here you can use for example something like this:
(!empty($estate[‘option_36′])?$this->data[‘options_prefix_36′].” “.$estate[‘option_36′].” “.$this->data[‘options_suffix_36′]:”)

In your template file if you want to change autoload map popups then you should customize this part (red color), you should use CTRL+F to find this code:

                {latLng:[{gps}], adr:"{address}",  options:{ icon: "{icon}" , labelContent: ( abbrNum({option_36}) ), labelAnchor: new google.maps.Point(22, -5), labelClass: "labels", labelStyle: {opacity: 0.75} }, data:"<a style=\"color:#25863E\" href=\"{url}\">{option_2} in {address} for {option_4}</a><br />{option_3}{options_suffix_3}  {has_option_19}{option_19} bathrooms{/has_option_19}  {has_option_20}{option_20} bedrooms{/has_option_20}  {has_option_1000}Zone {option_1000}{/has_option_1000} "},