City Guide, Add Types / Marker / Fields

ALL fields can be customized in Admin->Location->Fields->Edit for example “Type”,  Add/Edit/Remove values

For other languages, just click on other language and same thing.

In v1.5.9 you can just upload icons via admin for map pin icon/market and type in right order, example:


For older version:

Search icon under map:


For “type” in script v1.5.8 default icons are located in:

templates/realsite/assets/img/markers/type_0.png is example for first value (number represents value index)

Map pin marker icons:


And on-map “marker” default pin icons are located in: templates/realsite/assets/img/markers/sights.png and depend on marker field value, in this example “sights” is value

Category images are located in:



is example for first value (number represents value index)