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MySQLi version mismatch

Example issue:

Message: mysqli::real_connect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50550 Library:100029

Sounds like server issue. PHP and MySQL versions not compatible.

Try this solution:

If this is localhost try with:

For localhost, you can for example (Windows guide):
Install portable XAMPP Version 5.6.3
Create folder in (depends where you install xampp): C:\xampp\htdocs\mywebsite

Date Format

Example for using custom date format on property.php template file:

<?php if(!empty($estate_data_option_37)): ?>
<p class="bottom-border">
<?php $date_variable = $estate_data_option_37; ?>
<?php echo date('j F Y', strtotime($date_variable)); ?>
<?php endif;?>

PHP documentation for date function:

37 is example field ID #, can be found in Admin->{listings}->fields


My location detection

To use this feature, you should enable location sharing in your browser:


If you already click on never share then this feature will not work in your browser.

In that case you can reinstall your browser / reset your browser settings or google for solution like “enable location sharing in google chrome”

DirectAdmin installation guide

1.  Create database



Save this DB details

2. Upload script zip file via ftp to your domain public_html directory, rename it to

Extract this file: autoinstall and upload autoinstall.php also into public_html directory.

Start this autoinstall file directly from browser, link like:

Of course, change with your real domain

After that open

Now you are ready to install script:


Save provided details and open your website:






Custom search algorithm

We build search form and algorithm based on standard search logic. But this can also be customized.

PHP + MySQL knowledge is required for this.

Related file where algorithm can be found: application\models\estate_m.php , method filter_results

Example how to ignore all other fields when visitor search from smart search / location input field:


With Firefox developer console (CTRL+Shift+K) you can detect field names used in this search algorithm, example:


If you need some customization’s services, please follow this guide: